Measurement Instructions:

The first step in a well made suit, are a good set of measurements.

We have provided simple instructions for you to obtain accurate measurements in less than 15 minutes:

MannaE Measurement Guidelines

In preparation for taking your measurements, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Remember, the more accurate the measurements the better the fit, so please take your time.
  • Preferably take measurements while dressed in your best fitting shirt, pant and dress shoes.
  • You will need a measuring tape.
  • You will need a  friend to help take the measurements. (Remind them measurements are taken close, but not tight).
  • Maintain good posture: stand straight and breathe normally.


Hat Measurement Instructions:

Taking the hat measurement is very simple. To do so, place a measuring tape to the forehead and measure the circumference of the head.  This should include the widest part of the head and sit slightly above the ears.  Make sure the measuring tape is kept at the same height around the head. We accept measurement in ¼ increments (i.e.: 23, 23 1/4, 23 1/2, 23 3/4, or 24 inches)